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Ivan Semeniuk hosts a semi-regular excursion into the cosmos. The Universe in Mind offers listeners the latest news and the biggest ideas in astronomy and related sciences, told through the voices and stories of those are who are working at the frontiers of discovery.

  • » Galileo (Part 2): The Dinner Party (May 15, 2010) Tweet This

    Science historian Mario Biagioli recounts the story of Galileo, as he is catapulted to fame and job security in Florence. Galileo's modern view of the cosmos gives rivals an opening to steer him into controversy and a fateful showdown with the Church. How a not-so-innocent dinner party conversation set Galileo on a collision course with history.

  • » Galileo (Part 1): The Negotiation (Apr 15, 2010) Tweet This

    Science historian Mario Biagioli is our guide on a trip back to 17th Century Venice, where a new invention — the telescope — promises to change the career prospects of a math professor named Galileo. While he maneuvers through a delicate job negotiation, humanity's understanding of the universe is transformed.

  • » Going Deep (Mar 30, 2010) Tweet This

    Garth Illingworth is going deep — REALLY DEEP. Using the newly refurbished Hubble Space Telescope, hes looking for some of the most distant objects ever seen to uncover the early history of our universe. Meanwhile, Roberto Abraham explains how we can push back even further to the very first galaxies — and perhaps to the very first stars — with a new generation of telescopes on the ground and in space.

  • » Flames on Mt. Wilson (Oct 14, 2009) Tweet This

    The 100-inch Hooker reflector atop Mt. Wilson is arguably the most important astronomical instrument since Galileo's telescope. Last month it was very nearly lost when a wildfire swept toward the mountain. The observatory was only recently declared safe. Astronomer Hal McAllister recounts the dramatic rescue effort and author Marcia Bartusiak explains why Mt. Wilson is the place where the modern universe was born.

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